Seson Legal Practitioners (The Firm) is a contemporary law firm with a multidisciplinary approach to the practice of law. The Firm is focused on providing world class legal services to diverse clients locally and internationally.

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Corporate & Commercial Law

Seson ‘SLP’ Legal Practitioners provides standard legal advisory services to corporate bodies both withinand outside Nigeria. In a continuous evolvingand advancingeconomy, local and international businesses require contemporary legal backing and innovative tools to protect their business investments.

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Sports, Media & Entertainment

The role of skilled lawyers in the media, sports and entertainment sector in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized, this practice area is budding yet thriving. We have identified the intricacies in this sector and have positioned our firm to better advise Clients who require legal advice on every aspect...

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Dispute Resolution & Litigation

SPL is well experienced in the various forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution processes. Our experts in this area has acted as mediators and arbitrators in several cases. We are also experienced in advising and acting as Counsel in institutional and ad hoc arbitrations and mediations across borders.

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Public & Administrative Law

SLP has a robust practice experience strategically positioned to advise and support clients with legal, ethical, procedural, governance or reputational aspects of compliance. We also review general issues associated with public and private law.

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Private Clients

The firm has advised and continued to provide legal advisory support to clients on a range of matters that falls within this practice area. We have vast experience in Property and Real Estate law, conducting investigation on the sale and purchase of properties...

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Intellectual Property Law

SLP provides you with a broad spectrum of services in intellectual property. Our Practice is dedicated to ensuring that our Clients enjoy the protection of the law on the value invested in the development of products, brands, devices and new technology

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